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ایران ، اصفهان خيابان خيام، كوي نهر فرشادي 23 مجتمع آموزشي ابابصير

The most important educational and cultural activities in line with service providing for the clients include blind and semi-blind the institution has 4 decades background activity. Having access to the experts in educational fields, learning profession, educational sciences, and counseling also having facilities and equipment prepared this institution for providing more services. The educational and cultural services which have been being provided by the institution include

1. Holding the educational classes like hygienic, life skill, religious role class, and Quran for clients and their families

2. Using the encouragement system for the participating in educational classes include book, the hygienic packs, in-cash gifts, and exploring and entertaining tours.

3.  Establishing the auditory library and in -braille one.

4.  Providing the educational supplementary tailored for blinds comprise voice recorder, braille paper, auditory books, and Perkins.

5.  Cooperating with the consulting centers in order to provide services for the clients in better quality.