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ایران ، اصفهان خيابان خيام، كوي نهر فرشادي 23 مجتمع آموزشي ابابصير

Providing medical services

 Ababassir educational institution has been established with the aim of educating and catering other services to the blind and semi-blind people on 1969. Services associated with therapeutic, hygienic, counseling, social work and speech therapy which have been provided for people who were under the protection of this institution till 2006 by establishing a boarding school. After the school recession with the mentioned therapeutic and hygienic services to the clients faded its effect during 2006 to 2011. So that, the medical services have begun on a regular basis since 2017.

The most important services witch have been being provided for the clients by the institution are as the following:

1. Administering Health-Care Monitoring client’s vision from examination to treatment.

2. Create medical files for clients who are under the protection in related database.

3. Providing client’s therapeutic and hygienic needs and laboratory affair by the other related centers help.

4. Buying the required prescribed glasses and sunglasses for clients by charity givers` money.

5. Analyzing client’s health insurance and if necessary, refer to the insurance broker centers.

6. Performing the specialty OCT – CCT examinations and vision perimetry also eye’s super-specialty consultations in glaucoma and corneal clinics and if it is necessary, representing services like laser and eye’s implant prosthesis to the clients who are examined by the ophthalmologist.

7. Cooperating with lab centers, radiology, and ultrasound for referring the clients and their family to the related centers.

8. Cooperating and make contract with free and charitable dentistry clinics to resolve the oral and dental related problems.  

9. Help the poor clients who are affected to the refractory diseases in paying whole or part of treatment’s costs, surgeries, chemotherapy, and providing the medicinal costs. 

10. The social work regular visiting from hospitalized clients or   such patients in their house.